Did you know that you don’t need to post on social media every. single. day? Yes, the algorithms love it when you do post daily or even multiple times a day. However, when you focus on the QUANTITIES of posts, you not only lose the algorithm love, but your customers too.

I know – it’s hard to swallow. Especially when you may have planned all those daily meme’s and fun posts. Sure, posts like “Happy Monday” can get you to check that day off your list, but did you really provide any value to your customers with that post?

When you sit down to work on posts for social media, here’s something to consider:

If someone visits your Facebook or Instagram page for the first time will they really know how your business can really help them when the first 3 posts are Happy Mondays or a funny meme?


Consumers have short attention spans and if they have to scroll quite a bit to even see what you offer, they’re going to give up and leave your page.

So here’s my #1 posting tip for you this week:

Focus on QUALITY not Quantity.

Give your customers helpful tips and tricks in each of your posts. Answer commonly asked questions in your posts. If you sell scarves and people are always asking how to wear a scarf – show them a few ideas. That can be in a Reel, video or you could even break it up into a couple different posts with just a picture with the instructions.

If you are in the health industry and get lots of questions on meal prep, hop on a Facebook live and show them how you meal prep for the week. Then your next post could be sharing one of your favorite recipes or product you sell that makes meal prep easier.

If you’re an author, share snippets of the stories you share in your book. People love stories. Take your customers on the journey through the stories you share in the book.

Yes, you can sprinkle in the “happy Monday’s,” BUT keep ‘em at a minimum.

It’s easy to overthink things when it comes to posts, but if you listen to your customers and start creating posts in response to those questions, you’ll be well on your way to QUALITY posts.

And, if you need some help getting those creative juices flowing for more quality posts – download my 30 days of social media posts here (and yes, I’ve thrown in a few fun ideas too 😉): https://bit.ly/3tn5acB