What do you think of when you hear the word “branding?”

To many small business owners, it just seems like a complex marketing term and WAY too complicated to even wrap your head around.

Sound familiar?

Well, branding is basically giving you some sort of consistency when you promote your products so your followers and potential customers can recognize you.

Here’s a couple tips for you to have in your branding arsenal that are super easy and don’t require a marketing degree:

  1. Logo – hopefully you already have one of these. If you do – make sure you have a horizontal and a vertical version so it fills space appropriately on advertising.
  2. Fonts – you should have at least two different fonts – one that’s a serif font (there’s little “feet” on the letters – see the graphic below 😉) and a sans serif font (no feet)
  3. Colors – I suggest having between two and four colors in your branding. One of which will be used the most. I have four: teal, bright blue, gray and black. I used my blue color the most in my marketing.
  4. Pictures – when you share pictures with filters try to keep the filters consistent
  5. Overall “feel” of your business – Do you try to keep your overall feel in your posts or in your store as more upbeat/happy, or are you more serious/mysterious? Communicating the “feeling” of your business is what captures the attention of your followers – just make sure that feeling is something that your followers actually want to connect with (i.e. happy generally wins over solemn pictures unless you own a business that’s more serious).

So tell me, what is your favorite part of your branding OR what’s the first thing you’re going to work on if you don’t have any branding?