The Scrappy Business Owner Podcast

Every business owner has a different story. Maybe you came from an entrepreneurial family or maybe you’re like me and are the first one to start a business. Maybe you’ve been through some “stuff” or maybe you’ve overcome some incredible challenge. Maybe you’ve had some crazy experiences in your industry or maybe you’ve had smaller wins.

Whatever your story is, it matters. Not only that, it could be just the encouragement your customer needs to hear.

In this week’s episode, I’m sharing some stories I’ve experienced in the entrepreneurial journey. From being the first in my family to set out with a business to the different seasons of my professional career, all of them make me who I am today. Plus those stories are what makes my business what it is today.

I promise you will walk away from this week’s episode encouraged and ready to share a little glimpse of your story with your customers too.

When you do, make sure you send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram. I’d love to hear your story!