The Scrappy Business Owner Podcast

Ditching corporate to pursue your side hustle takes some guts and grit to do! In this week’s episode of The Scrappy Business Owner podcast, I’m interviewing my good friend, Jodi Krymuza of Authentically Yours Design.

She kissed 20 years of HR experience goodbye to pursue her passion of renovating homes and helping restore beautiful family heirlooms into statement pieces. Her story is filled with resilience, facing fears, and fighting thoughts of imposter syndrome.

Taking a step out of the comfort zone and into the unknown is exactly what Jodi did and she not only shares her experience, but offers incredible advice on how to face fears and pursue what you love.

Join us as we talk through the mindsets Jodi faced and the journey she embarked upon to pursue what she loves in this week’s episode. And make sure you follow her and her husband Dave on all their social media platforms so you can watch them grow and flourish doing what they were created to do!

Authentically Yours Designs:


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