Let’s be real – live video is super scary and for those who struggle with tech it may even feel impossible to even do it. BUT live video can be a game-changer for your business and here’s a few reasons why:. 

  1. The algorithms on Facebook and Instagram (and even YouTube) LOVE it when you do live video. In layman’s terms – you’ll show up more in your follower’s news feeds without much effort. #win 
  2. Live video makes your followers see you (and your business) behind the scenes and as a real person. Those big box stores can’t have the personal touch like small business owners do. So the more your followers see you, the more likely they’re trust you and want to buy from you. #makemoney 
  3. It’s another way to showcase your products and services without being one of those weird “use car salesman” vibes. When you hop on a live video and just show features or tips and tricks using your products, it’s an easy way for you to communicate to your followers naturally without feeling weird about selling. 

If you need some practical tips and tricks on how to overcome your fear of live video and start taking advantage of these benefits, download my free cheat sheet here: https://bit.ly/3FvOVOY